UIDEV - Urban Internet DEVeloping

UIDEV - Urban Internet DEVeloping

Specialist in Typo3, Wordpress, XTC(M), WaWi, Drupal since version 7 and PHP since version 3 and much more .....

UIDEV is a private development with friends from 2007 until today. We are passionate developers. Organizational skills and strategic thinking are our strengths in programming front-end and back-end applications for the Internet.

About me: Stay cool in every hectic situation. Think in peace and find a solution. The problem cannot be solved with the cause, but through targeted analysis. Try and solve. Always been able to find solutions and help.

Wisdom: There is a solution for everything. You just have to find it.

ProjectSIOUX7 - Software Inteligence made by O. Urban extrme 7 Frameworks. For over 15 years I have been developing my own CMS with the help of various frameworks.

SIOUX7 is already successful online in several projects. Interest? Then write to me. O. Urban


We thought of everything. From conception to going live - success from the start, guaranteed.


PHP 5/7, MVC (Codeigniter), Design Patterns (OOP), Typo3 from version 4.5, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, XT Modified, shopware, JTL WaWi, SEO, HTML5, CSS3 (classic / SASS), jQuery, JavaScript, CSV, JSON, XML, Bootstrap, Foundation, accessible web, Git / SVN (Eclipse - Windows / Coda2 - Mac), Windows, Linux, Macintosh, ASP (net), Oracle, MS Access

Since 2001 I have been programming with PHP version 3 or higher. Since 2007 I have been developing my own CMS. Over time, the UCMS project became the current SIOUX7 project.

SIOUX7 is based on the latest standards of current web technologies and combines more than 7 frameworks in one. The project has over 20 years of experience.