e-mail - virus

If you have received an email with a reminder and date notice or login request.

You received an email with a reminder from an unknown company?
Even if you use the correct name, address and phone. Or these data are included in the mail, even though you have not purchased any services / goods, etc. from the company specified there, is only spam.

Check the following properties:

  • Div spelling and grammar errors speak as a clear language.
  • They are called with first name or simply "Hello"
  • The file is a ZIP. Do not open it! The ZIP file is automatically installed on your PC
  • In the text are links to unsafe files (php). Do not simply click on them. The result would be that all your computer's data will be transmitted
  • Sender and e-mail address are not the same (source text)
  • Payment requests do not come by mail, but by letter or registered letter.
  • Never enter data in the pages, even if it looks so serious. Ask for an inquiry or find out about fraud attempts

Even if you are unsure about the contents of the email, be sure to be attention to the points given above. If only one point matches, it is obviously a spam, at worst an email virus.