SIOUX7 PHP Framework

SIOUX7 PHP Framework

SIOUX7 is based on its own object-oriented PHP framework. In connection with MySQL (i) a very good and easy to understand application. In contrast to other PHP frameworks, it is understandable and clearly structured. Extensions are very easy to integrate. Very suitable for simple to medium-sized websites (landing pages, microsites).

The object-oriented framework SIOUX7 has many advantages:

  • fast load
  • SEO
  • Bootstrap 5
  • PHP / jQuery Framework
  • Plugins / Module
  • minimum of soace
  • easy to install

Here you can view SIOUX7 (Version 7)

The demo of administrtion of SIOUX7: SIOUX7Management (Version 7)

Login: demonoSpam[at]uidevnoSpam[dot]de / PW demo123 (admin)


PHP 7 object-oriented framework, consisting of class according to the design pattern scheme in combination with a precisely constructed MySQLi database structure (version 5)


Integration of jQuery, modules and widgets and many tools (video, etc)
Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 (with animate)


Database management based on automatically generated forms with an editor
"The automatic creation of any kind of fields is impossible" Nonsense! - here is the solution


Multiple protection, encryption

(Version 7)

Demo SIOUX7Management:
(Version 7)

Login: demonoSpam[at]uidevnoSpam[dot]de / PW demo123 (admin)

(Version 7)