UIDEV . webdeveloping with Drupal

UIDEV . webdeveloping with Drupal

Drupal is a very clearly structured CMS with an integrated template.
A web presentation can be created in a short time.
In addition, Drupal has a large number of modules and templates on offer.

The basis for Drupal should above all:

  • Bootstrap Template
  • extended paragraphs

be, with which you can develop very good pages.

Building pages is relatively simple and straightforward. Templates and modules can be expanded as required without the changes being lost during an update.todo's:

  • creation of Inhaltstypen / Felder mit entsprechender Einstellung
  • creation of views aus den Inhaltstypen
  • creation of Taxonomie
  • creation of Templates mit twig / scss (Bootstrap)
  • creation of Paragraphs
  • editor settings
  • facility of Gruppen / User mit entsprechenden Rechte
  • facility of cntrib Module
  • programming of own modules (twigfilter)
  • facility of vhost
  • creation of jQuery Funktionen

use: Coda2 , Terminal (git), composer, bower, npm, drush, gulp (scss/js compiler)